1. TyantA's Avatar
    I have done a fair amount of reading on xda forums and done some searching on backups here but I can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for.

    I have Mango on my Samsung Focus now, the only thing that I really want to do is install the microsd card I picked up for the phone months ago.

    I've been following the wp7 tool on xda forums but I've read in their thread that the tool will not restore to a different memory size. I have also read where it sounded like someone did just that, but it wasn't clear.

    Has anyone used (any) tool to successfully backup and restore their phone after introducing a microsd card?

    I know stuff can be backed up up via zune, but it's text message that I'm hoping to retain after the upgrade.
    10-18-2011 09:40 PM
  2. theefman's Avatar
    Wont work, I'm afraid. As you already stated, a restore wont work to a different memory size and by adding a new card the restore will see the new size and fail. Sadly no way to backup our texts so you'll have to make a choice between more storage or keeping your data.
    10-18-2011 11:31 PM

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