1. jalb's Avatar
    I enjoy worrying a lot, so I try to invent scenarios to stress out over*. A current favorite of mine is that if Nokia's sales in Europe are underwhelming, they might not launch anything in the US after all. Does anyone know how sales are for WP in Europe? Robust, I hope?

    *I'm joking of course. Kind of. :\
    10-25-2011 01:54 PM
  2. selfcreation's Avatar
    check this out: How is Windows Phone 7 selling? This is everything we know - The Next Web


    if nokia DONT sell in Europe , its just gona make theme expend to the REST of the world ..
    if you dont sell in one area, move to the next.

    considerign NOKIA is sorta in financial trouble and MS basically saved their ***.... if WP doesn’t kick off for nokia i could see nokia quitting the mobile world..
    10-25-2011 01:57 PM
  3. smartpatrol's Avatar
    Last I heard, sales were actually better in Europe than in America. Germany has the highest WP7 marketshare of any country with 7% IIRC.
    10-25-2011 01:58 PM
  4. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Some of the European mobile networks have moaned at WP7 sales (Orange UK) and some have said much better then expected. (T-Mobile)

    I'm sure it's doing fine in Europe jalb. :)
    10-25-2011 02:00 PM
  5. smartpatrol's Avatar
    Windows Phone 7 crosses 2% market share in USA, has 7% of German market | WMPoweruser

    Here's what I was thinking of. This was from August, though. Not sure how things have changed since then.
    10-25-2011 02:22 PM
  6. Catscan's Avatar
    Last weekend I went to a couple of phone shops to check out the HTC Radar and Titan, and especially the Titan to see how it looks, but unfortunately out of the 4 shops I visited none of the shops had any WP7 device on display, not even older ones and there was only one shop who had a Radar, none of them had a Titan. The devices are available with most carriers (the Radar at least, the Titan is missing at Vodafone) online however, so I'm not sure what the websales are, but based on this I would say that at least in Holland sales are very low. But I have high hopes for Nokia, as I believe Holland will be amongst one of the first countries to get the new devices.
    10-25-2011 02:25 PM