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    I am about to upgrade my trusty ol' Cingular (now AT&T) 8525 to a WP7 device, probably a Focus S. I would like to be able to copy Zune content, much of it I assume has DRM protections, to a Seagate GoFlex Satellite and then be able to stream the content to my phone. In other words, content that I've purchased would be stored on the Satellite drive, rather than in the phone itself. The Satellite is advertised to be compatible with "most" Wi-Fi enabled smartphones by way of browser access. I suspect it would work fine with non-DRM content, but I have no way of really knowing since I do not own a WP7 or Satellite drive yet. The cost of a Satellite drive would make this a rather costly experiment if it doesn't work.

    The lure of a huge external drive for Zune storage makes it a little less disappointing to be limited to 16GB on a WP device like the Focus. I often travel to areas that have no network or hotspot connectivity, so streaming from the Zune service or from a Sky Drive are often not an option. Perhaps I can attempt to stream from a Sky Drive and that would be a good approximation of what it would be like to stream from a GoFlex Satellite, except that the Satellite browser interface is still an unknown.

    Is anybody doing something like this? Is there an easier way that I'm overlooking?

    11-06-2011 01:56 PM