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    I have been mulling this around for a while.

    Nokia has announced release dates of early 2012 for the Lumia 800/710 in Canada (See it in news section. And after being ignored by HTC whenever I have asked lately, they replied to my Facebook post on their wall with "soon". Good news, right?

    For the hardcore, yes. For a new system that is trying to grow in support, I seriously doubt it.

    Up here Christmas is the major selling time. As well, many people are just trying to survive and pay off Christmas until March or April, so unless the hardware crashes, they will not be looking at anything new. A better to release now will be May, just before Summer, but that will fall around Andriod's next release.

    So IMHO, a February release could be disastrous. they tried this last year, and got a sluggish reception for what is an amazing system. If sales are sluggish again Marketing, rather than taking a look at release dates, will of course conclude that Canada is just not interested in WP as an OS.

    11-12-2011 10:36 AM