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    Coming from Android, I am used to contact and calendar information syncing instantly. In the WP7/Live/Hotmail ecosystem, how long does it take for this stuff to sync?

    I added a contact to my phone about 20 minutes ago, and when I go to my Live page on my computer, I don't see the new contact added yet. Also, last night I was adding some birthdays on my phone's contact list. I then went to my phone's calendar to see if they were showing up yet, and they weren't there. In fact, I just checked my phone's calendar again and they're still not showing up. That's not even checking on my PC for info I updated on my phone; it's checking on my phone for updates performed on my phone.

    Even worse, when I checked the Live calendar page on my PC, the birthdays I added on my phone were both set incorrectly, off by a day earlier both times. I corrected the information on the Live calendar, but even with the corrected information, only 1 of the 2 changes took effect on the calendar (even though when I click on the birthday cake icon on the calendar, the right date appears in the details).

    CORRECTION: They ARE there, only they're on the wrong date (which is why I didn't see them originally). Still, it rolled the date back one day on both for no apparent reason. I might have done it wrong on one, but I doubt I made the same mistake the exact same way on both.

    So is there any way to force the system to update the information both on the phone and the Live/Hotmail contact list/calendar? Google's syncing is far superior to this.
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