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    When I first got my Trophy a year ago it seemed like every OneNote I created was automaticaly created/synced with my SkyDrive - Personal(Web) - Unfiled Notes.

    Recently I have noticed this is no longer the case. Now when I create a new note from my phone it is filed under Phone - Personal - Unfiled Notes. I create a new note the same way as in the past - by clicking "+" symbol at bottom of notes hub.

    What has changed - is this Mango or Skydrive update that borked this feature?

    I've been playing with this for the past hour and need to know 1) how to move my phone notes to skydrive and 2) how to make the phone default to Skydrive instead of creating notes under phone.
    01-17-2012 12:28 PM
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    Ok. Sorted out the answer to #2. Still do not see a way to move the documents that were already created on my phone so I'll probably just end up redoing them.

    WP7 : How to default new OneNote documents to SkyDrive instead of Phone

    1. From your phone go to Office and the Locations hub
    2. Click on the location you want as default and drill down to the section level
    example : SkyDrive - Documents - Personal(Web) - Unfiled Notes <section
    3. Long press the section and select "set as default". Its icon should change

    Now any new OneNote pages will be created in your default section. If you have mutiple section you have to move them between sections through the web interface. There is no way to save or move OneNote pages to a section other than your default on the phone.
    01-17-2012 01:27 PM