1. Luffy07's Avatar
    There is a lot of talk about folders on WP, and I've got to say I don't really like the way the folder app (homebrew) does it... the whole purpose of live tiles is lost... So I made a mockup about it and I wanted to know what you think of that. Is it the way you'd like the folders to be implemented?

    Folder idea for WP7 by ~jango07 on deviantART
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    01-23-2012 06:14 PM
  2. Winterfang's Avatar
    Looks pretty cool. I still don't see why they shouldn't just work like the Group contact tiles.
    01-23-2012 06:23 PM
  3. Rodolfo#WP's Avatar
    It does look nice enough, but I've gotten to like the current tiles logic, look, and feel of WP7/Metro. By design and intent, I don't need to access most apps I don't choose to pin. The only "folders" that I'd like are for apps, so I could group them instead of just having the long alpha list. Creating my own folders/categories would probably be best, but even automatic categorization as with games would be helpful. As with most WP development matters, though, I'm mostly waiting to see what WP8 brings us.
    01-23-2012 06:52 PM
  4. pikacz's Avatar
    this is quite nice, but if there are lots of apps in one folder then it wouldn't be very handy
    01-24-2012 02:11 AM
  5. XBWillem's Avatar
    The idea of this is, that you can add the apps you want to the folder. Then this system could really work. I like the mockup!
    01-24-2012 02:39 AM
  6. cedarlog's Avatar
    love the idea it look modern and different
    01-24-2012 04:45 AM
  7. Big Supes's Avatar
    Totally agree regarding folders, and this is one of the best solutions I've seen so far. Good job. :)

    Would be awesome if they're still live whist in the horizontal menu. In theory you could have 10+ apps in one groups with the ability to pan left to right in the menu.

    BTW, welcome to the community, Luffy. :)
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    01-24-2012 05:05 AM
  8. selfcreation's Avatar
    I love that idea, maybe not for folders , but sliding individual icons like that is cool n it stays true to the metro!! Maybe for notifications??? slide email icon, see the email type thing

    I'd still rather see custom HUBS over folders doh!

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    01-24-2012 07:28 AM
  9. Luffy07's Avatar
    Thank you for the feedbacks, I'll keep making some changes (a "+" at the end to add apps and make the tiles live :D).
    Next I'll try to find a way to make a notification center ^^
    01-24-2012 05:32 PM