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    Whether you are an occasional snapper or an enthusiast, the Windows Phone Marketplace is full of apps that help you do anything with your images once they are in your cell camera roll.

    Entering the official site of Windows Phone Marketplace, and just by a simple click on the “Photo” button under the category of ”Apps”, with less than one second (on the condition that your network condition goes fine), you could see hundreds of photo taking or editing apps that are geared towards windows phone 7 or above. Some of them apply a specific effect, others that enable you to manipulate pictures of your friends in weird and wonderful ways, and some that distort pictures so heavily that, frankly, they should never see the light of day.

    We have listed the best 3 photo editing apps for you. For this best 3, we’ve narrowed our focus to include only those apps that enable you to edit your photographs after you’ve taken them. We've avoided one-trick ponies and apps whose sole purpose seems to be to embarrass yourself or your mates in the pub on a Friday night. Instead, we have for you 3 apps that not only include the basic functions of all the general photo editing apps, but also let you manager, edit, and share your photos instantly and conveniently.

    01. Photo Studio - $2.99

    The layout of Photo Studio is a bit different with a series of pop-up menus to choose your particular effect. Effects are applied real-time and can be layered to combine effects. There are 9 presets but settings can be customised to make your own.
    Photo Studio is not as comprehensive as Thumba, though. John Gaarde, who recently reviewed Photo Studio for Know Your Mobile said:
    "If there was any ***** in Photo Studio’s armour it’s the lack of defined area adjustments. Every effect has to be performed on the picture as a whole, making it impossible to, say, separate the background into noise, while performing alterations to the foreground’s colour balance."

    02. PonyPhoto - $0.99

    PonyPhoto is another competitor for the "Pocket Photoshop" crown. While there are quite a few apps that could do almost the same, the Gif creator funtion makes PonyPhoto shine especially bright among all the editors. That’s true. Not all photo editors could let you convert several static photos to a dynamic one and then output it as *.gif. Despite of this gif creator, the facebook/twitter/flickr share function is another shot that make it strong enough to compete for the “Pocket Photoshop” crown. Take the pictures with you cell cam and edit them right after that, and then you could immediately send them to Facebook or Twitter.
    As for the effects in PonyPhoto, there are many available options out there, such as effects such as Invert, Grayscale, Sepia, Pixellate, Blur, Sharpen, Jitter, Water Wave, Gamma Correction, Additive Noise, Vignette, Polaroid, TiltShift, Oil Painting, RotateChannel,etc. And how about asjustments? No need to mention about changing the image’s size and shape, nor the frames in various styles. Composting different images to generate a new one sounds fun enough.
    Overall PonyPhoto is an extremely poerful piece of softwrae which is very good value of money, considering how many apps could do the gif creator is an absolute steal. Personally, PonyPhoto is recommended.

    03. Apict - $0.99

    Apict is essentially a polaroid app for Windows Phone 7. There are, of course, plenty of polaroid apps for the various mobile operating systems out there but many are overcomplicated and, frankly, sub par. This one is wonderfully simple in the spirit of the polaroid camera, and as a result is quite effective at making very nice, quirky polaroid photos for your albums or Facebook.
    Apict applies the effect to photos as you take them but can also be used to add polaroid-ness to pics in your existing albums. When you take a photo with Apict it automatically applies a number of visual effects which combine brilliantly to give a spot-on retro feel. It all looks very 70s, but in a good way.
    Before you save the photo you have the option of typing a label for the image and this appears on the white part of the polaroid pic in a nice 'hand-written marker' style font. This is where Apict distinguishes itself from other polaroid apps - many other polaroid apps on the market encourage you to write your own notes with your finger, or simply use an ugly font - the results frequently look as if an inky spider has died on the photo. Apict deftly sidesteps this issue with its simple, neat solution.
    The presentation of Apict is one of its most enjoyable features, from the way in which it adjusts the pictures for that authentic look to the polaroid camera sound effects and the way the finished photo slides onto your screen, as if ejected from a real camera.

    These are the 3 best Photo editing softwares out there and will satisfy all your needs, hope the list was helpful.
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    While I'm wondering around the Windows Phone Marketplace, I found PonyPhoto is free to get now, which saves $0.99! And, go further that I know that it's on promotions now and it's gonna be sold free IN MARCH. After March, it would go back to the price $0.99. I love bargains and I got it right away. Cool things should be shared together. Go and get it now For FREE now friend!
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    Using Clever Photo ($1.49) and worth every penny. Full featured and easy to use.

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    I would say Thumba Photo Editor is the most complete editor for WP by far.

    Always interesting to see other so thanks for the suggestions. I'll stay with Thumba though =)
    03-29-2012 04:15 AM
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    Fhotoroom has many, many different editing tools. I don't use photo editors much (or at all), but it seemed nice, so I downloaded it.

    Read the description for what it can do; it'll do a much better job than I can ever do. Yeah, I am totally the best person from whom to ask advice for things like this. In any case, it's normally $0.99, but is free for now.

    03-29-2012 05:35 AM
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    Fotor, Thumba and Aviary (In that order)
    10-13-2013 07:04 AM
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    I am a big fan of Fantasia Painter.Loads of editing options.
    10-13-2013 07:46 AM
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    I have seen many apps...i think these 2 are the best ans really simple to use..
    1. Lomogram
    2. Lazylens
    10-18-2013 12:55 PM