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    Updates: General information:

    NoDo Update Full Feature List: Windows Phone “NoDo” Update Detailed, Release Imminent | Anythingbutiphone
    Mango Update Full Feature List: List of all of the new Windows Phone 7 Mango features | MobileTechWorld

    force the Update on your WP

    The reason we have this trick is due to MS's/carrier's ways of rolling out the update.
    to prevent Overloads of the servers they roll the update out to a FIX number of clients at a time meaning some of us may have to wait dayz if not weeks!

    If your carrier rolled out the update and you haven't gotten it , its most likely because the Queu has not gotten to you yet. FEAR NOT! You can TRICK your Update manager into thinking your are the next one!!!

    WindowsPhone Updates Yearly (x2):

    Regarding MS being * SLOW * on updates and a lot of people claiming that this will cost them to lack behind in the Smartphone Market. Well , what I don’t understand is how people seem to think that MS is slow on updates and honestly that’s Simply not true. ( not talking about random little bug updates , but actual updates like: NODO , Mango , Tango , Apollo ect..)

    Now lets go ahead and compare the rate of Major UPDATES between IOS, Android and WP.

    Iphone 4 to Iphone 4s ( Ios5):

    - Iphone 4 came out in June 2010
    - Iphone 4s October 4th 2011
    - 16 months!!!!!!

    Android *Ginger bread* to * Ice cream sandwich*:

    - Ginger Bread came out roughly around November 2010
    - Ice cream sandwich = Expected in October 2011
    - 12 months!

    WP7 : *wp7* to *WP7.5 MANGO*:

    - WP7 launch day = Nov 8th 2010
    - Mango Launch day = Sept 28th
    - 11 months!!

    MS basically comes out with 2 updates a year. a minor update to fix compatibility error and minor bugs.. and a MAJOR update that adds a BUNCH of features and extras

    WP UPDATES: game changers:

    Allot of people also Claiming that MANGO was not a game changer. but i beg the differ.

    - 500+ features ( most of them useless to everyone, I know we maybe all use 5-10 new features each depending on your needs.)

    - the BIG change that you guys did not notice!!! = API witch basically gives us the Potential to do A LOT more then we could do before. Meaning, the BIG changes mango has to offer have not even been exploited YET!!! So please be patient, same thing will probably happen with Apollo

    Example: if Apollo does bring DUEL-CORE. Well it will be useless for about 6month as no apps/games are designed ( for the moment ) to support duel-core. It takes times for all the developers to adjust their apps to make it compatible.
    So don’t worry , the Features and option are here!! But they have not all been adapted YET!

    Also i must stress the following:

    Don’t read to much into rumors! Always wait for MS official announcement ( like at CES’s events) cause you’ll just get worried for nothing or excited for nothing. Then be VERY disappointed when the truth comes out. ( or very happy , haha )
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