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    The Full List of ALL WindowsPhone


    Some people complaining about SD cards being complicated or what not and not knowing witch once works.
    Well here it is: http://wmpoweruser.com/certified-win...-cards-appear/

    We can only hope that all of them will get support in the future Updates.

    System requirements

    Microsoft has said that it is issuing "tough, but fair" hardware requirements to manufacturers.

    All Windows Phone devices, at minimum, must include the following:

    Minimum Windows Phone device requirements
    - Capacitive, 4-point multi-touch screen with WVGA (480x800) resolution
    - ARM v7 "Cortex/Scorpion" – Snapdragon QSD8X50, MSM7X30, and MSM8X55
    - DirectX9 rendering-capable GPU
    - 256MB of RAM with at least 4GB of Flash memory
    - Accelerometer, ambient light sensor, proximity sensor and Assisted GPS
    - FM radio tuner
    - Six (6) dedicated hardware buttons – back, Start, search, 2-stage camera, power/sleep and volume buttons
    - Optional hardware: Front-facing camera, compass and gyroscope

    What is Duel-Core , and why Doesn’t WP have it?

    Dual-core refers to a CPU that includes two complete execution cores per physical processor. It has combined two processors and their caches and cache controllers onto a single integrated circuit (silicon chip). Dual-core processors are well-suited for multitasking environments because there are two complete execution cores instead of one, each with an independent interface to the frontside bus. Since each core has its own cache, the operating system has sufficient resources to handle most compute intensive tasks in parallel.

    Multi-core is similar to dual-core in that it is an expansion to the dual-core technology which allows for more than two separate processors.

    Then you Ask your self , then why doesn’t WP have duel-core yet! Instead of explaining why in a WALL of text I decided to send you to the best explanation possible
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