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    UH OH! I broke my phone!!:

    I downloaded a bunch of apps and now my Phone is acting up!

    Its never a good idea to instal allot of apps in one shot , cause if a problem develops it could be related to a single app hence making it almost impossible to determine witch app it is.

    If you are experiencing this Issue , i suggest uninstalling all your apps ( from the day the problem started) and reinstalling them ONE at a time and testing it over a few dayz to determine if that app will cause the problem to reappear.

    we might not have malware on WP but some developers have under developed apps that can create buggy situation with your phone.

    Dropping Liquid on your phone:

    read all steps!! This may or may not help your phone.

    1. turn it off NOW!!!
    2. take out the battery AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!!
    3. Put it in a bag of RICE for AT LEASE 24/48 Hours
    4. DO NOT turn your phone back on for at lease 48hours!!!

    Optinal but MOST effective!

    5.Use 91% Rubbing alcohol to cleal all the electroniques to remove or prevent metal corogin on your device and then the liquid willevaporate. ( DO NOT USE any other kind of liquid aside from rubbing alcohol and always use the 91% for electronics)this also works better if you can open the phone : see Warning bellow

    WARNING: opening up your phone will instantly wave your warranty,(knowing your phone is water damage it doesnt really matter). Also Opening may result in causing more damage or result in you not being able to put it back together.( honestly not that hard if your patient and keep track of placement). Make sure to clean all the electronics of your phone with rubbing achole 91% ( do not clean the screen with it directly)

    Physical Damage:

    Unfortunately there is not much you can do here. What i suggest to all my Clients, friends and family is to get Insurance on your device. A phew ways to get insurance would be from your Carrier directly or some VISA (credit card) company will actually Insure your phone IF you buy the phone with that specific VISA card ( call your company today for more information)

    Manufacture Warranty:

    this will Vary depending on your carrier , so make sure to read the Fine Prints.

    But in General this Will Cover any Problem with your Phone that is not DIRECTLY your fault or *acts of nature* ( acts of god ) meaning, any Physical damage by dropping your phone or forcing in plugs will NOT be covered. any water damage will also NOT be covered. these warranty normally got for ONE year, so be sure not to wait to long if you are experiencing some problems.

    WARNING: Some carriers/repair center will refuse a Normally In warranty repair if your phone shows water or physical damage EVEN if the problem might have started before the incident. so again DO NOT wait if you have a problem, take it in as fast as possible for repair.

    Example of Manufacture Warranty coverage: Battery , software , general malfunction , intermittent problems, Reception (antenna) , hardware issues not related to your normal usage or caused by you.

    Repair and refurbish Phones.

    What is a refurbish Phone and what does it mean for me?

    Consumer law states that any phone bought, and used just once then returned, cannot be sold as new.
    normally this means the first customer bought it and returned it for whatever reason (not defective) and it has been reset to defaults and everything cleared. normally the warranty is the same (or minimum 3monthts) .

    A refurbished phone could also mean the phone was defective. However, the wireless provider will have fixed the phone and it should work like new.
    Normally putting the phone trough EXTENTED testing resulting in a phone that is good as new!

    People think that Refurbish phones are worst then NEW phones and they tend to break, that statement is simply true , refurbish phones will normally have LESS problem due to the extended testing.

    NOTE: Any Electronic Device has a chance of being DOA (dead on arrival) new or refurbish.


    Repairs are normally done by 3rd party repair centers that your carrier is associated with. (normally local) often OEM (original equipment manufacturer) will refuse to repair your phone and tell you to call your respected RTM ( carrier). IF your RTM refuse to repair your phone you can also try to take it to a local repair store your self.

    NOTE: repairs time may vary from 3-10bussines days (even more in some cases)
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    3. take a hair dryer to it till you think it will start melting , then continue!!!
    Hair dryer= NOT a good idea.

    You will be changing the liquid into a water vapor, not necessarily drying the phone. The vapor will not be able to escape easily, and you are only pushing water & water vapor deeper into the device. I'd suggest a vacuum cleaner for this step instead.

    Removing the SIM card is obviously a good idea as well. Other than that, the rest of the steps are perfect.
    04-15-2012 06:43 PM
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    NO HAIR DRYER!!! It will just push the water further in!
    04-15-2012 07:02 PM
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    If that doesn't work throw it on the ground and stomp on it.
    04-15-2012 07:15 PM
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    Installed 188 apps/games in the first three hours I had my L900. Guess I was lucky, huh. I have run into a few apps that caused issues, but after uninstalling and soft resetting the phone, no residual damage.

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    04-15-2012 07:16 PM
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    Apps can't really crash down an entire phone on WP like they do in android and iOS because they can't alter the OS code in anyway and they all run in their own separate environment.
    04-15-2012 09:08 PM
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    Apps can't really crash down an entire phone on WP like they do in android and iOS because they can't alter the OS code in anyway and they all run in their own separate environment.
    One app can cause allot of bug on your phone , like random resets , crash , add *LAG* to the phone or even make you think your battery is *dead* etc.... it really can effect the over all function of the phone.


    if you follow my STEPS a hair dryer is good IF and ONLY IF you OPEN your phone up! and follow STEP 6.

    if you DONT have rubbing alcohol or cant completely OPEN up your phone then skip the hairdryer

    STEP 6:

    6.Open your Phone (this will wave your warranty but water damage already waved it, and at your own risk of causing more damage!) tooth brush+rubbing alcohol = will remove or prevent metal corogin on your device and then evaporate. ( DO NOT use any other kind of liquid aside from rubbing alcohol )

    Ive done this more then i can COUNT , i know it works ;) Ive brought back at lease over 100 ZOMBIE PHONE ( reanimated the phone lol )

    *updated the post*
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    Apps can't really crash down an entire phone on WP like they do in android and iOS because they can't alter the OS code in anyway and they all run in their own separate environment.
    iOS "sandboxes" apps as well.

    I'm not sure about Android.

    Either way, it's not a guarantee against an app being able to make the phone reset itself or run like crap. It does protect the integrity of the OS though, so that if you uninstall the buggy app, you'll be good as new.
    05-11-2012 12:16 AM
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    FYI. I have seen mention of rubbing alcohol in two threads tonight and just want to point something out. Not all alcohol is created equal. At retail you will find two kinds; something like 75%, and then 91% isopropyl alcohol. Use the 75% on you skin, but always use the 91% for electronics. The 75% is thinned out with oils and other things that don't help your circuitry. Actually, if you have access to an industrial supplier, pure 100% alcohol is the best. Note that the 91% costs a bit more than 75%, but worth every penny.

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    05-11-2012 01:22 AM
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    I've only had one incident with water and cell phones and thankfully, the phone worked after awhile
    05-11-2012 06:26 AM
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    I recently dropped my Trophy into water but quickly got it out and immediately went to remove the battery. After some drying and putting it in rice next to a window for a day, I inspected the phone and noticed some moisture inside the camera lense area. I decided to take apart the phone and then dried the parts, let them sit in bags with rice/silica for a few hours. I cleaned the parts with 91% alcohol and reassembled things. Sure enough, it works! Quite a relief.
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    05-11-2012 01:12 PM
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    Once I was sync my Samsung focus flash ( os wp7.5) with Zune . It have a black out for a while during sync. But it have problem to my phone after that . My phone can't detect a SIM card that I'd use it before it get a problem . I try to change another SIM card but it still undetect .Right now my phone was sleep in its box . I bought this phone from USA and use it in Thailand . How to solve this problem . Samsung service center in Thai can't repair it.
    01-13-2013 01:43 PM
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    or chuck your phone into distilled water if you poured beer on it or something
    01-13-2013 11:46 PM