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View Poll Results: Do you think a WPcentral Forum app is NEEDED??

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  1. kenzibit's Avatar
    Hello Wpcentral,

    You always gives us what we ask but just like Oliver Twist, we never stop and can't stop asking for more.
    Was thinking the other day and decided to ask, can we please please and please again get a wpcentral forum app for Windows Phone??

    We already have wpcentral app where you can do a lot of stuff including commenting on stuff but not in forums. Too bad that app is not free coz I don't use credit card where I live so can not buy the app and don't like using the trail version since some features are not available to me and that makes me feel sad, retarded and wasteful about that; I'm cool about the ads though.

    Back to the question, a wpcentral forum app will just be wonderful to help us trace our post and see new posts and comments (just like the ...i'm a WP7 app) but Liquid Daffodil); this is because, to tell you the truth, going to the website on a mobile is just a pain in the *** and since the website is always busy and full of stuff, it takes a long time to load and even to get to the forum section. You know the forums let us know a lot and would be nice to have an app on that.

    I know it's not easy but just thought I ask or make my feelings known; it's better than keeping it to yourself. Sorry if this has been posted and discussed before coz I couldn't search.

    Thanks and hope my request is fairly granted.

    (HTC HD7)
    Molecular Microbiologist
    02-19-2012 11:25 PM
  2. VernonEL's Avatar
    I feel that we do not NEED for the full WPCentral forums to be a part of the official app, but of course it would be cool. Actually, the 3.0 version of the app is planned to offer this feature, although there is plenty of work to do on it, I'm sure. Hopefully Mr. Jay Bennet will shed some insight to this. ;)

    You don't use a credit card? Neither do I, but I use debit cards for several of my bank accounts. I would have a very difficult time getting full enjoyment out of my Windows Phone if I did not have any paid apps/games installed. WP is great for those that want to let the OS do the heavy lifting insteasd of relying on apps, but paid apps and games add so much more to the experience.

    You should be able to buy Microsoft points without a credit/debit card, but I cannot confirm it.

    Board Express is an app that allows access to the WPCentral (and many other) forums. It is not free, although I feel that my money was well-spent on it.

    Good discussion topic though!!
    kenzibit likes this.
    02-20-2012 03:13 AM
  3. scield's Avatar
    I don't think a separate app is needed but I do hope that it will be built into the WPCentral app at some point. I tried using Board Express Pro but it caused a lot of issues with my phone so I uninstalled it.
    02-23-2012 04:32 PM
  4. jabtano's Avatar
    WPCentral app is one of the best apps on the market. hands down. if the forum feature is added that would be great. But! even without it, the app is some kind of kick ***.
    02-23-2012 04:37 PM
  5. Matthew Mazzenga's Avatar
    I would love to see the forums worked into the WPC app. I don't think a separate app is needed.
    02-23-2012 04:38 PM
  6. TheWeeBear's Avatar
    Jay is planning to add forum support in version 3.0 I think he said, but it's a huge job and a little way off yet I would imagine.

    But it is coming. What an app it will be then.

    I see him noseying around at the moment, he might chip in to say what's what. :D

    But then again he might play hard to get. :lol:
    02-23-2012 04:42 PM
  7. selfcreation's Avatar
    we are getting forum integration int he next update of the WPCENTRAL app .
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    02-23-2012 04:50 PM

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