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    Syncing your WP (Zune, Mac connect, skydrive, Contacts)

    In this Thread I will explain and show you how to sync your WP , including tips and tricks and possible problems.

    Transfer apps/games from one live account to an other:


    How to Import Contacts into WP:

    SIM card:

    People hub -> 3 dots (...) ->Settings -> Import from SIM

    you can export your contacts from your Iphone,Android or RIM device as a CSV file then simply load them back into your WP ( best universal way )


    Best way it so have all your contacts into your Live account so when you enter your e-mail in WP , all your contacts will Auto sync! If you dont have a Hot/Live account you can still import contacts from G-mail to your Live account:
    G-mail to Hotmail

    Cellebrite is a Machine use by Carriers/stores to Transfer data from one device to an other ( Contacts , txt , media ect..) most store will charge you between 0$ to 25$ to have this done.
    more information on cellebrite

    Syncing with PC (Zune):

    You can Find the Zune Software here: Zune Software | Sync Media Files | Download Mobile Apps | Zune Mobile | Windows Phone 7

    Getting your Phone to Sync with Zune is fairly easy process to do.

    1. First thing your going to want to do is Download and install Zune
    2. Connect your phone and Open Zune player.
    3. Make sure Zune recognizes your phone as a PRIMARY device
    4. Create a new folder on your Desktop
    5. Click on the "Add Folder" option next to the "Music" field. Locate your new Folder on Desktop.
    6. Simply add media files to this folder to sync with your phone ( you can have more then one folder )

    NOTE: if your Phone is not set as Primary Device it will NOT sync. This will also cause other problems with *find my phone* service.

    Syncing with MAC (WP Mac Connector):

    You Can Find Mac Connector Software here: Windows Phone 7 & Mac | Mac Sync Software | Sync Files | Windows Phone 7

    1. Download and Install Mac Connector
    2. Connect your Windows Phone to your Mac using the USB cable that came with your phone.
    3. In the left pane, click the type of media that you want to sync (Music, Photos & Videos, Movies & TV Shows, or Podcasts), and then do one of the following:
    •To sync music, select the Sync music from iTunes library check box.
    •To sync photos and videos, select the Sync photos and videos from iPhoto library check box.
    •To sync movies and TV shows, select the Sync movies and TV shows from iTunes library check box.
    •To sync podcasts, select the Sync podcasts from iTunes library check box.
    4. Select the files you want to sync, and then click Sync.

    NOTE: Protected media files (such as Protected MPEG-4 files) in your iTunes or iPhoto libraries can't be synced.

    Syncing with Skidrive:

    You can find the Skydrive access here (req login):

    1.Go to SkyDrive. ( see above link)
    2.You might need to sign in with your Windows Live ID.
    3.Go to the folder that you want to add files to.
    4.Click Add files.
    5.Click select them from your computer and select the files that you wish to upload and click Open.

    SkyDrive on your Windows Phone:

    1. Download the SkyDrive App
    2. Run the App (from your cellphone)
    3. Click on the folder/file you want to open.
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    Hello there,

    I am new here, I recently bought a macBP and i'm using wp7 (samsung omnia W).
    Now I want to sync my windows live calendar with my Ical, how do I do this whitout using Google as a step in between?

    02-13-2013 05:55 AM
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    Am I the only one to whom it is not obvious, how to locally sync contacts from OS X to WindowsPhone (Lumia 920)?

    I can export all contacts in OS X Addressbook as single vcard. But upon arrival, only the first of my 450 contacts does have a profile picture, which is a bit unsatisfactory. Also how can I remove all existing contacts on the lumia 920 device? I can't find any option. Is this seriously possible for M$ to not offer this option?! Wow you really must be interested in my address book data then I assume?
    09-01-2013 12:58 PM
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    does anybody know how i can transfer my pictures from my htc 8x without using the wp connector from the mac store, i am using an old software before lion and i cant download the the app, is there any other way to do it. would greatly appreciate it
    12-08-2013 07:11 PM