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    Customizing your WP:

    Despite what allot of people say it is possible to customize your WP. Unfortunately Wp are not as customizable as , let say a Android phone but we do have some work around and or some basic customizing options. Lets get into it and see what we can do to out WP! Personally I can move my right tile to the left and my top tile to the bottom and im HAPPY with that, lol but for does of you that need more, keep reading.

    Lock Screen:

    Unfortunately you cant decide where your *clock* is set up or the time/date but one of our Distinguish member/mob has offered his service to help you customize your Lock screen here: Thanks TheWeeBear :): Request Your Personalised XBox Live Windows Phone Wallpaper with your own XBL Avatar!


    Tiles for the time being are limited to a FIX amount of accent colors but that shouldn’t stop us from Playing around with them a little. First things you can do if you have a unlocked WP is insert Custom or other accent colors to the tiles VIA HomeBrew!! or you can also check out the WPcentral Theme Archives section (thanks to all who shared their work!)

    But my phone is not unlocked!

    Well then you still have some option. Some great developers are starting to come out with ingenious ideas to help us out like the APPs WizTile and Tiler.
    (keep in mind Microsoft still limits API access so they are not 100% customizable)

    Custom Ring tones:

    So far Microsoft has not allowed us to set up custom rings for individual Notifications or phone Numbers, although thee is a rumor going around that Apollo will bring this feature in the future. For the time being you are able to import custom ring tones to your phone ( I my self have Riders of the Storm – by The Doors yes I know , it’s a great choice, lol ). You can Download apps in the marketplace that will allow you to do this, for example: Free Ringtones , RingTone Creator , Nintendo RingTone, .. ect…
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