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    Miscellaneous (privacy, Ecosystem,Easter Eggs)


    This information regarding Privacy is a little long to explain so I figured I would do the next best thing and link you to Microsoft’s Privacy Website.
    Windows« Phone Privacy Statement


    As we All Know one of the Advantages of our Beloved OS is the Integration Between WP , Xbox , PC and Tablets. Although the Ecosystem is currently in its early Stages of development we still have some nice features that can be taken advantage of.

    The 3 Screens of Microsoft:

    As Must of us know , Microsoft is Currently in the works of one of the Greatest Ecosystems between all platforms. One thing that ( to me ) makes it stand out will be the 3 Screens of Microsoft witch basically means that the METRO UI Will in essence be replicated on all Microsoft devices ( WP , PC , Tablet and Xbox 360 )

    Games & Apps:

    First things first if you haven’t already downloaded the Xbox Companion app you should get it now!

    For time being we have limitation related to the Cross platform system between all devices. I will still give a few examples and up coming rumors related to it.

    As of Now the best possible explanation I can give related to the WP and Xbox is with the game Fable(Xbox) and Fable Coin Golf(WP) , in the WP Version of the game you in essence play a modified , intensified version of Mini golf where you are set with a goal to sink the coin in the hole and to collect coins. The coins you collect are Transferred to your Character in Fable (Xbox) witch allows you to purchase more items.

    the Future of Microsoft is also to bring total cross platform gaming/application to all devices, Meaning that the game on your WP , PC , Xbox or Tablet will be identical and will allow Live Multiplayer with friends across all screens. MS is currently working on the system witch will hopefully come out with Windows 8 and WP8 (Apollo).


    Microsoft did not disappoint on this level for all you Achievement Hunters! When purchasing a XBL ( Xbox live ) game you are instantly Greeted with the possibility of an Additional 200 Game Points ( per XBL game ). So Jump right in and get Does bragging rights!!

    Windows 8 Rumors:

    This is Just a rumor that’s been floating around but seems to be pretty accurate to MS’s Road Map:

    They are claiming that Games and Apps will be Compatible across ALL Platform ( WP , PC , Xbox and Tablet).
    This is Great news for Us and Developer as it will reduce the amount of Work Developers will need to do to bring the app across all Platforms and hopefully get the attention of more developers to out beloved OS.

    Easter Eggs

    Every Fun interactive device out their have their own little Easter eggs. Fun little things that don't effect the phone directly but make it that much more fun to use:P
    you can add or simply check out what our Members have found so far!

    Here are some Links to articles and Vids with more Easter eggs:

    - Xbox Live Easter eggs:
    - Sonic 4 Episode 1:
    - SurfCube 3D:
    - Earthquake: ( tap BESIDE the avatar)
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