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    Edit, the problem returned a day later. I may have to reset after all.

    Removing the HTC apps resolved my rebooting problem. In early December I had this same problem, my Verizon Trophy would randomly reboot, several times an hour, when the phone was just sitting on the desk. At that time I reset the phone and had to reinstall my apps. This problem returned 6 days ago. I was really close to resetting the phone when I saw a post about removing the HTC apps. This worked for me, I don't know why, but I know it worked. I had the following installed:

    * HTC Hub
    * Connected Media
    * Tango (I have no idea why I had that installed)\
    * Dock Mode
    * Photo Enhancer
    * Connection Setup
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    what i use to tell my client * back in the WM dayz * and it sorta apply to your WP as well. ( cause we do have buggy apps on WP )

    Its never a good idea to instal allot of apps in one shot , cause if a problem develops it could be related to a single app hence making it almost impossible to determine witch app it is.

    if you wana find out witch app was bugging your phone, i recommend reinstalling the apps you removed one at a time and testing ( over a couple dayz) to see if the problems reappears. then you'll know witch app it is

    hope this helps :)
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