1. HeyCori's Avatar

    What we thought may be a one-off contest has seemingly turned into a viral campaign by Microsoft. The "Smoked by Windows Phone" contest was started back in CES in January and has since gone to the road with tours and most recently showed up at Mobile World Congress in 2012 and Hong Kong.

    Now Microsoft is looking to the expand the coverage and even pushing it to TV--that's right, soon we'll all be able to see Microsoft "picking a fight" with Android and iOS broadcast everywhere. In an interview with Bloomberg, Aaron Woodman, director of Windows Phone revealed as much:

    “It doesn’t feel like we’re really pushing apart from the competition,” Woodman said. “We need to go pick a fight.

    We’ll do TV spots, the question is where. Microsoft is patient and willing to use deep pockets, but we’re also respectful of shareholder value so we want to pick appropriate countries and spend levels.”

    Hopefully we won't be waiting too long as we think this is an effective strategy and would certainly like to see more.
    03-02-2012 02:21 PM
  2. eric12341's Avatar
    I knew the advertising was going to arrive in this form the whole time.
    03-02-2012 02:30 PM