1. choover's Avatar
    So when I start the music player or start a podcast I like the fact that from any app or screen- when I press the volume buttons I get the audio controls along with them. Cool!

    But how do I get that to stop? I can pause the podcast or stop the music but the controls seem to stay there until I reset the phone. This is very annoying.

    Any ideas?

    04-09-2012 06:16 PM
  2. gapost's Avatar
    Get Stop the Music app from the Marketplace.
    04-09-2012 07:12 PM
  3. dtboos's Avatar
    It goes away after a certain amount of time. If it bothers you, the best option is as "gapost" said with the "stop the music" app.
    04-09-2012 07:21 PM
  4. ninjaap's Avatar
    I like the fact that it doesn't go away. It lets me start off from where I last ended without having to reopen the app.
    04-09-2012 07:24 PM
  5. mt1202's Avatar
    ya Stop the Music is a great app, gives you the choice to stop it anytime
    04-09-2012 07:59 PM
  6. choover's Avatar
    stop the music app it is, thanks!
    04-09-2012 07:59 PM