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    Here's the deal

    My brother's Lumia 710 won't arrive till the end of this week and he doesn't want to miss the 0.99-cent Easter promotion :/ Is it possible to buy the games (by using his Microsoft account) even though he doesn't have his phone yet?

    I was told by someone in the Windows Team blog that:

    Yes he can - Just have him use the Windows Marketplace on the web to make the purchases with his LIVE ID he intends to use on the phone. If he has an existing Xbox LIVE account he needs to use THAT LIVE ID.

    I tried doing that but the system wouldn't allow me

    "Can't get app
    It looks like you haven't signed in yet with a Windows Live ID on your phone. You need to do that before you can buy or download apps from Marketplace. "

    So, is it possible?
    04-11-2012 09:26 PM