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    I have an Omnia W (AFAIK more or less the same as the Focus S in the US) and I've been doing some experiments. I was wondering if others have seen similar behaviour.

    I was having problems with WiFi connections at home. I'd be connected to an access point but would either have limited connectivity or none at all. Somestimes disabling WiFi and reenabling it again would fix the issue temporarily.

    Someone mentioned that disabling cellular data transfer fixed the problems with WiFi and this was correct. An interesting sideeffect of this was that battery life became better. Not just a little better. We're talking a massive improvement.

    I've been using two iPhone models before this phone and I did wonder why the Omnia was always feeling a bit warm. I thought perhaps it was just the casing that was different. However, disabling cellular data also caused the case temperature to drop dramatically. Now it just feels like typical plastic. No warmer than picking up a computer mouse.

    Before disabling cellular data I'd get at best 18 hours out of the phone - and sometimes much less. This will be with battery saver enabled during work hours and with e-mail checking every 30 minutes on one account and every two hours on another.

    If I have WiFi enabled and cellular disabled I can run the phone for 36+ hours while using it more than I'd usually do. Disabling WiFi and enabling cellular data makes the battery life drop to slightly over 24 hours. Enabling both means considerably less than 24 hours.

    I mentioned this to Windows Phone Support on Twitter and they responded that cellular will use more power than disabling it (obviously), but I find this to be a drastic difference and I did not see the same kind of difference on my iPhones (they had good battery life regardless of settings).

    The constant high temperature of the device combined with the power drainage makes me suspect something is wrong. Anyone else experiencing the same or different behaviour? It would be interesting to see if this happens across devices and OS versions.

    I'm running OS 7.10.8107 with firmware version 2424.12.01.1 according to the System Information app from Marketplace.
    04-18-2012 12:17 PM

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