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    Hi everyone-

    I've search the internet far and wide for solution to this issue. I've found many related topics but nothing specific.

    I am a for iPhone(r)? who recently switch to the Lumia 900. My daily workhorse is a MacBook running OS X Lion complete with MS Office 2011. Syncing my email, address book and calendar was a breeze with my old 3gs. Now that I am going to be using the 900 I feel as though I am stuck.

    The reason for this post is to find the cleanest way of syncing my email, address book and calendar from my computer to my phone and vice versa. I would love keep all 3 with one provider. I'm not crazy about Google Calendar. I was thinking of importing to Outlook --> Skydrive--> 900 would be the way to go. From the research I've done it doesn't seem that integrating iCould with the 900 is possible.

    After probably 4 hours total of research I just want to hear from someone in a similar situation (MAC-->Lumia 900) and what they believe is the most efficient way of syncing the 2.

    Thanks in advance everyone

    04-26-2012 10:48 AM
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    Checkout the Windows Phone Connector in the Mac App Store. I use it with my MBPro and Focus S and have good luck so far.
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    04-26-2012 10:54 AM
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    go to the getting started thread --> how to sync your WP

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    04-26-2012 11:01 AM
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    Thanks but I thought Connector would only sync iTunes and photos. Is there a way to sync Contacts,Calendar and Mail through connector?

    04-26-2012 11:03 AM
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    i dont think you can directly :( the mac connector is sorta limited :(

    your best bet might be using the Import from SIm or save as CSV and then upload to WP.

    instruction in the getting started thread for the CSV method

    or if you can sync your Iphone with a LIVE ID (e-mail ) then sync that e-mail with your WP.
    04-26-2012 11:26 AM
  6. HeyCori's Avatar
    Don't forget to get the SkyDrive app for Mac.


    Toss any MS Office files that you want to sync with your phone into the SkyDrive folder on your computer.
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    04-26-2012 11:35 AM
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    I hate to say this but the answer to your problem (for now) is Google. Yeah I know, bad word, but it does make what you wanna do so easy. I just exported all my Mac contacts, calendars and email to Google and then set up WP7 to use my Google account. Works just fine. You can then use the Google account on any of your iOS devices as well as Android if you ever decide to go that route. I use iTunes and iPhoto in Lion for all of my video, music and photo syncing using Windows Phone Connector. Sorry but for now that's about the easiest way to do it and still make your personal stuff available to the other 2 platforms.
    04-26-2012 12:06 PM
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    Thanks Joeaux-

    I was afraid that's what you were gonna say lol.
    04-26-2012 12:55 PM
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    I use google address book, google email, and hotmail calendar, and all three sync just fine with my phone and both the mac and PC computers I use (all are web-based and thus not OS-specific).

    I passionately hate Google as a company, but they are useful for this sort of thing.
    04-26-2012 01:08 PM
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    I have a Lumia 900 and my daily driver is a MacBook Air running OS X Lion.

    I haven't had any trouble with syncing... however I don't use MS Office on my Mac, I use Outlook Web Mail from work, then on a PC I occasionally use Outlook. I use my Mac more often than the PC. I use the Windows Phone Connector for everything else.

    My mail, calendar items and address book stay synced without me even connecting the phone to the computer. I have an Outlook calendar and my personal items and contacts on my Gmail and both sync perfectly with the phone whether I add an appointment on the computer or the phone and regardless of which OS I use.
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    04-26-2012 02:25 PM

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