05-06-2012 06:30 PM
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  1. awesumjon's Avatar
    I'm sure we all know BlackBerry, I myself came from a BB.

    All BlackBerry devices have that familiar one-handed design that feels kinda good. Definitely better than a huge block.

    Samsung came out with a BlackBerry-esque design for T-mo on Android (of course:dry).

    The screen resolution is the same as WP, 5MP flash, 4G, 1.5 processor. Definitely mid-tier, if it weren't for the dual-core processor I may have guessed it was meant to be a WP.

    So, would you want Samsung to breakout this phone design for WP?
    Do you think it will ever happen?
    04-27-2012 02:20 AM
  2. cckgz4's Avatar
    No :(
    04-27-2012 04:44 AM
  3. the_tyrant's Avatar
    I loved the motorola q design for windows mobile
    but it would not work for windows phone 7, since windows phone 7 is primarily designed for portrait mode, not landscape
    04-27-2012 05:57 AM
  4. freestaterocker's Avatar
    Good. God. No.
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    04-27-2012 06:27 AM
  5. Dave Blake's Avatar
    The link in the OP is broken
    04-27-2012 06:31 AM
  6. Tyresian's Avatar
    There was the Dell Venue Pro which I believe is now discontinued.

    Can't find it on Dell's site. Only found one link from Bing product search.

    Dell Venue Pro 8GB Unlocked: Dell/HP/Kyocera - VENUEP - Brand New Cheap Sealed Unlocked Cell Phones, Cameras, Game Systems - AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, Blackberry, Canon, Xbox
    04-27-2012 10:41 AM
  7. tekhna's Avatar
    Aww **** no.
    04-27-2012 10:42 AM
  8. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    No. I had a BlackBerry 9700 before I got my Lumia 900. There is no way I'd want to go back to a QWERTY keypad and a tiny screen.

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    04-27-2012 01:45 PM
  9. awesumjon's Avatar
    I guess it's a general No then lol

    The link in the OP is broken
    Works fine for me. It goes to t-mobileUSA site, maybe that's it?

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    04-27-2012 02:00 PM
  10. Rodolfo#WP's Avatar
    Or a Treoesque option? ;)

    I moved, reluctantly, from a physical keyboard because the Focus was such a compelling design. It would depend on screen, and especially, device dimensions; but, I'd definitely consider any physical keyboard option.

    I also need expandability for thousands of Zune Pass downloads, and a replaceable battery. :)
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    04-27-2012 02:54 PM
  11. Duvi's Avatar
    No thanks. WP / iOS / Android all look better on a full touchscreen.
    04-27-2012 03:07 PM
  12. AKA Preluva's Avatar
    No! I want something like this with phone guts and a bluetooth.
    04-27-2012 04:57 PM
  13. socialcarpet's Avatar
    No. Modern smartphone apps gave made that the tiny square screen form factor obsolete except for low end feature phones. I loved the BlackBerry keyboard but I could never go back to a screen like that. Ugh....

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    04-27-2012 05:17 PM
  14. sting7k's Avatar
    I for the life of me do not know how anyone can use a BB keyboard anymore. The keys are smaller than the virtual keys and you have to actually press them. It's so slow! I am so much faster on the touch screen than I ever was on my old Window Mobile phones with real keyboards.
    04-27-2012 06:01 PM
  15. awesumjon's Avatar
    the one on the Pearl Flip was great I think. It had large double-letter keys for people with larger fingers, like me.

    I think there's even an option on the touch-enabled versions to change the onscreen keyboard into double-letter buttons.
    05-04-2012 01:08 AM
  16. Jrexxx's Avatar
    Not for me... But if they can do cheap phones with keyboards, then yes, why not. A lot omf people are still buying these types of phones everywhere in the wrold, and this will only get more people into WP8!!!
    However, a slideout full keyboard la n900/e7, yes please!
    05-04-2012 04:06 AM
  17. snowmutt's Avatar
    I truly miss a real keyboard. I want more Dell Venue Pro options, with the portrait slider. You can do a great 4" screen on a portrait slider, maybe even go a little wider with the demisions so that it is not top heavy and has a little more room for the keyboard. The DVP proved there is an audience for this.

    I also have a really groundbreaking idea... Why not make the tile screen, the menu screen, the office hub, the XBOX live hub, the Marketplace screen, and all the other screens work in LANDSCAPE so WP can compete for the physical keyboard crowd????

    Crazy, I know, but I am just throwing it out there......
    05-04-2012 05:23 AM
  18. awesumjon's Avatar
    Its not that crazy. I've had this thought too. It wouldn't look bad since all the tiles are squares an most things that require typing can be done in landscape. Maybe some talented chefs out there can make a rom for it

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    05-04-2012 08:19 PM
  19. KingCrimson's Avatar
    Sure if you want to get people to actively HATE Windows Phone, sure.
    05-04-2012 08:42 PM
  20. cluberti's Avatar
    I dunno - I'd like my display to work in either landscape or portrait, and I'd bet OEMs would like that too (so they could design more phones with flip out/slide out keyboards). Especially the older amongst my family who have come from CrackBerries and older WiMo devices with keyboards, this is something they complain about a lot when getting new phones. You can't extol how a touch screen is actually faster in daily use than pressing a microscopic button on a microscopic keyboard to someone who won't consider that option because "my BlackBerry had a keyboard - I'm used to it, I *need* a keyboard". </sigh>
    05-04-2012 08:46 PM
  21. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Well, Motorola made the Droid Pro for Verizon and had an identical model on Sprint called the XPRT. They were very Blackberry-esque in that the keyboard buttons looked like they were lifted straight from a 9700 Bold. However, those Motos had a portrait screen of 3.1" making them quite long. Before I came to the light that is WP7, I owned one of these only because there was a way to network unlock them and be able to use them on US GSM carriers. Having said that, I currently own the DVP because I'm definitely a hardware KB person and would like to see more options in the future. :)
    05-04-2012 10:05 PM
  22. jalb's Avatar
    **** yes. Not for me, but for my wife and daughter. You can literally throw a Blackberry Bold and it will survive the journey just fine. I've seen my wife do it a dozen times. Kids are adopting smartphones more and more too, and it wouldn't hurt to see more cute little phones on the market.

    TBQH, I'm pretty tired of the BS point of view that if it aint a slab phone it's OMGLOLWTF. Do all phones really have to look alike?
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    05-04-2012 10:27 PM
  23. tekhna's Avatar
    **** yes. Not for me, but for my wife and daughter. You can literally throw a Blackberry Bold and it will survive the journey just fine. I've seen my wife do it a dozen times. Kids are adopting smartphones more and more too, and it wouldn't hurt to see more cute little phones on the market.

    TBQH, I'm pretty tired of the BS point of view that if it aint a slab phone it's OMGLOLWTF. Do all phones really have to look alike?
    Cute little smartphones have a pretty long history of tanking.

    Palm Pixi
    Palm Veer
    Microsoft Kin

    I'm sure there are more, that's just what comes to mind offhand.

    There's been a convergence in the market now that portrait keyboards have died a much deserved death. There's not really another form factor out there, so yeah, phones kinda do have to look alike.
    The only other form factor option is slide out keyboards, but Android OEMs have mostly stopped making phones with slide out keyboards. It's basically been an entire generation, maybe a bit more since there was a hit Android phone with slide out keyboard. The newest slide out keyboard I can think of is the Droid 3, and that was a dud.
    05-04-2012 10:47 PM
  24. dkp23's Avatar
    oh plz no
    05-05-2012 02:26 AM
  25. ubizmo's Avatar
    Rumors of the death of BlackBerry and the hard keyboard are premature. I hasten to remind you that BB market share is still far ahead of WP and their user base is still growing internationally. Moreover, their keyboard phones outsell their all-touch phones.

    BB has had some bad years but it's a stretch to blame them on the keyboard. The outdated java OS is the more likely suspect. The trick will be for someone to get it right. A phone about the size of a GS2 with a BB keyboard could still have a nearly 4" screen. With a modern OS I think there are plenty of people who would buy something like that.

    Something of the sort will be the 2nd BB10 phone. I don't see why a WP device along the same line couldn't succeed.

    Seriously, even if only 10% of smartphone users prefer a hard keyboard, that's a large number and the keyboard is hardly dead. I suspect the number is higher than that, but that's just a guess.
    05-05-2012 08:38 AM
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