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    Can't install new apps or update old ones on Lumia 800. Purchased game titles also disappeared from Xbox tile.

    Dear friends from wpcentral, I've posted this on answer.microsoft, but thought it would be a good idea to consult the vibrant community here too.

    This happened after I synced my phone to my computer. Three operations took place that might have affected the device while syncing:

    1. Changed my location settings on my computer to allow log in on Zune software
    2. Tried to upload a video to my phone but my computer stalled and rebooted halfway through (i,e, the sync was disrupted)
    3. I increased the 'reserve space' percentage to ~30%

    After since I can't seem to download any new apps or update old ones on my phone, gives me the 'attention required' error, 'We're having trouble installing this application. Press and hold the item, then press Retry. If you're trying to update an existing application and the problem continues, you might need to uninstall the application then install it again.'

    Purchased game titles also no longer appear in the Xbox tile. I can only access games that I pinned to my Start screen for now. All I see under the 'collection' tab are two featured games that I did not install and 'get more games'.

    Help please! If I do need to reformat my device to the defaults, how can I go about backing up my messages, preferences and apps?

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: I was trying to pin this page to my Start when another error occurred: it says 'Can't pin; There isn't enough space to pin this site to Start. To create some space, delete some files or applications and try again.' This is not the first time I'm seeing this error.
    04-30-2012 03:09 PM