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    Why do people love Nokia so much? Because they took a leap of faith.

    There are those out there who believe that Stephen Elop is a Microsoft trojan horse and one day he showed at Nokia's headquarters with cash in hand and told them that they're going to ditch everything they've ever accomplished so they can make Windows Phones. That's a fine story but I highly doubt it was that simple.

    Lets not forget that Nokia's entire board had to sign off on what is a massive deal. It's not just a cash infusion, or simply repackaging the N9; Nokia restructured their company to become a lean, mean Windows Phone machine. They took all the work and progress they made with Symbian/Meego and tossed it out the window.

    That's not an overnight decision. An overnight decision is saying, "Hey, our Galaxy SII is pretty sweet. Lets toss Mango inside it and call it a day." What Nokia did required months of planning, meetings, watching market trends, and a massive evaluation of their long term strategy. They knew Symbian was dying and had two choices - Android or Windows Phone.

    Now, when I say a leap of faith I a mean leap of super freakin' faith.

    Who remembers when Windows Phone first launched? Multi-tasking? Son, we didn't have copy and paste! Poor app selection and crappy 1st gen hardware made Windows Phone users the laughing stock of smartphones. And Nokia joined up with who? Microsoft? A company that, at the time, only had 7% worldwide market share with their failing Windows Mobile platform. Sure Microsoft threw some money at them, but not nearly enough to make Nokia an overnight success or to guarantee long term growth.

    Logically Nokia should have went with Android. It was and still is a much more mature platform. Google controls over 50% of the worldwide market with no signs of slowing down. It would have been easy for Nokia to slap a skin on Android and start pumping out device after device. However, someone at Nokia crunched the numbers and decided that Android was a poor choice. Look how that turned out. Samsung and Apple are expected to grab over 90% of mobile profits in 2012. 90-freaking-percent! LG, HTC, Motorola, they're hurting. And Nokia could be in the same boat had they chosen Android.

    Now, Nokia choosing Windows Phone could still end with them going bankrupt, but instead of taking the easy Android route, Nokia took the very very very hard Windows Phone route. Considering the size of Nokia, they could blow a billion dollars in less than a year. A billion dollars just isn't enough money to justify the risk they're taking with Windows Phone. And if I'm not mistaken, that's 1 billion spread out over 5 years, thus making Windows Phone an even riskier choice.

    Nokia took a massive leap of faith by choosing Windows Phone and users are standing behind them because they know Nokia is going at this 100%. What makes the Microsoft-Nokia partnership so beautiful is that they were both lost with no direction and they needed each other to find their path.

    As for HTC... I've argued in the past that HTC has been very good to Windows Phone. I'd even argue that HTC was the number 1 WP vendor before Nokia came along. And contrary to popular belief, HTC has released firmware updates for their phones. In fact, the international version of the original Titan received several firmware updates. Those updates may still get released when Tango finally drops.

    However, HTC still treats Windows Phone as a secondary option. HTC had over a year to make a competitive ecosystem and did absolutely nothing. They've also been slow to acknowledge problems with their Windows Phone. When users started reporting paint chipping on the new HTC One S, HTC immediately responded. Titan users have been complaining about terrible sound quality on the Titan and HTC hasn't said anything. Factoring in that fairly unusable WiFi antenna and I was not a happy Titan user. That's why I switched to the Lumia 900. HTC isn't the devil but Nokia has clearly eclipsed them in the support and ecosystem department.

    And Samsung? Windows Phone is just a cash grab to them. Microsoft gave them 12 million to advertise their phones and Samsung skipped right back to Android town once that money ran out.

    While it may seem unfair that Nokia has so many exclusive apps, I can't be mad at them because HTC/Samsung had over a year to build a superior ecosystem and flat out wasted it. Reap what you sow.
    That's actually a good reason why.

    Let me preface this by saying to the original poster that in no way am I trying to come across as condescending.


    I understand that on a forum we are interacting with people from K-12 age individuals to adults and not everyone will have the business education or experience to recognize these complex daily workings and strategies of a company - but instead of making such negative uninformed claims, we should all ask questions to gain a better understanding of WHY the world works the way it does and then proceed to making our judgements.

    Taking all that into account - the quoted comment from the original post is nonsensical.

    Once again - I'm not trying to condescend the OP, but I felt this needed to be said.
    Yes, I understand how business works and your explanation sounds really condescending and insulting on my end regardless if that was your intent. Of course the billion dollars will encourage Nokia to make phones. There's nothing wrong with that. I never said there was. Buying your way into a market for $1billion dollars isn't necessarily a bad deal, considering they have such a large portion of the worldwide cell phone market. Never said it was a bad deal either, and in fact may be a pretty good deal into buying an entry into the market. The only reason I brought up the money issue was that Nokia never bothered to create a WP until they received a financial incentive, unlike other companies. I never said it was a bad idea or that it didn't make sense.

    I don't think you understood my question though. I stated my question a very specific way: "why does everyone love Nokia so much?" I specifically used the word love, because it seems like whenever people talk about Nokia they talk about it as if it is the greatest thing in the world, much the same way about how people talk about Apple. It seems that people have some sort of emotional attachment to Nokia as compared to other manufacturers, and that was the question I was after. I was not questioning the business decision to partner with Nokia -- I was questioning why people have such blind faith to what is, after all, just a company.

    The quote above yours is more along the lines of the answer I was looking for.
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    Consumer mindshare on Windows Phone and the Lumia brand is growing. Nokia - for whatever reason - is the only company to be extensively advertising and marketing the phones and platform, at least here in the UK.

    Talk about contractual obligations all you want, but it means diddly squat to the consumer. If you feel your favourite OEM is going to lose mindshare because of the Nokia/Microsoft agreement, encourage them to cosy up with Microsoft. Otherwise, just be grateful that Nokia are supporting your platform.
    06-08-2012 04:22 AM
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    Nokia was the first WP manufacturer that did something besides rehash a boring Android handset design. They are also doing more interesting hardware things than any other company, with high refresh screens, OIS, 41MP oversampling, wireless charging, etc. It didn't hurt that the Lumia 920 had twice the space of the 8X and cost half as much (on contract). And they have a bunch more apps that they procured for WP, and they even eventually end the exclusivity so other phones can enjoy what Nokia paid for. What's not to like?
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