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    Hi there,

    before i post my problem: i found this thread here (and A LOT of others on the web) regarding my issue but the answer was kind of confusing for me:
    (what a suitable title for my situation)

    i decided to post it again and maybe get a clear answer from you guys:

    I want to add a simple E-Mail account to my Windows Phone 7 (Lumia 900).
    The Mail-Server is from a client of mine - i have no access to it.
    I'm dealing with this ridiculous problem for over 2 days now and what i think i know now is this:

    i successfully installed the certificate on my lumia but apparently, the certificate is issued for


    while the active sync server is


    I think this is the main issue. My problem is, i cant reissue the certificate. Is there any way to get this mail account to work on my lumia by just working on the client side?
    I got the root CA certificate from the admins and installed them allready.

    ##### Just some rage against this problem:
    Why on earth (i seriously can't describe how much uncomprehension(?) i have for this problem) isn't it possible on wp7 to just "accept certificate anyway"?! Instead, wp discontinues the process and let users search for 2 days for a solution while iOS and Andriod setup of the same mail account took not more than 10 seconds.
    I love wp7, i waited for the lumia coming to germany for months so i can get rid of my iPhone 4 - which i did two days ago.
    This problem is driving me nuts and i can't get it in my head how this can still be an issue on such a grown plattform (i thought).

    I did go trough a sh*t load of forum posts on the web, i postet on msft answers in german, english and on posts that allready existed. i installed like 20 certificates on my phone - before that, i didnt even now what a mmc-snag-in-something is... (apparently i still don't).

    As one of the few windows-defender in my apple-coined environment/friend circle, i seriously feel very dissappointed by an issue like this. This is not something only an IT-guru would notice. This is a basic feature on a smartphone and wp can't do it - and even worse - average joe will not be able to solve it without some IT-guy helping him.
    I got WP not even 48 hours now- even though i love a lot of it - and i generally think i upgraded from iOS - this e-mail setup is a basic, necessary feature for me and i can't use a OS which can't even do that.

    i hope you guys can help me here as i really want to enjoy my new Lumia 900 and i'd feel very bad if i have to get the iPhone back out of the drawer...

    06-14-2012 09:05 AM
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    well... the certificate had been reissued to the correct adress and now its working fine.

    I don't know if Microsoft Employees EVER read the Windows Answer Forums but **** if they "put people first" they should correct some of those issues.
    This certificate one and disabling WiFi Disconnect while in sleep mode are some big ones but there are a lot more.

    Come on MSFT!
    06-14-2012 01:26 PM
  3. Larry Morgan's Avatar
    Reset Wi-Fi setting resloves problem permanently :-)
    02-27-2015 11:19 AM

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