07-29-2012 11:32 AM
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    some guy post this Directupload.net - 5dvg94ag.jpg. very nice
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    06-27-2012 11:43 PM
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    My point isn't you expressing your opinion, its the manner in which you're doing it. You can make your points, but when you seem like you're crying and whining it changes the responses you're going to get.
    I'm not crying and whining, I'm expressing my opposing viewpoints. If you can't deal with them, ignore me. Stop labelling me as whiny and childish when you're the one chucking the insults around. No one has reasonably countered my points, instead the likes of you have continually shouted me down and gone all ad hominem. So thanks, but no thanks. I'm not going to back down to your attempts to brute force me into submission. You can't break me by insults - you win this on the merits of the argument. It's a pity you've catastrophically failed at this so far.

    I'm a consumer who loves Metro. My time for an upgrade is approaching, and I'm questioning to what extent Microsoft is going to sacrifice beauty in order to gain more mass-market adoption. If my next device is a Windows Phone and you have it your way, I'm forced to use the home screen the way it is. I don't find the iOS home screen repulsive - just slightly dumb - and Android has customizability on its side. Who's to say Microsoft's future moves won't include shrinking all the text down and coming up with more information-dense but less beautiful layouts than panorama and pivot?

    And not only that - the whole start screen issue brought to the surface yet again what I'd consider to be the fatal flaw of Windows Phone - not giving the user options. It's deciding what the user wants and forcing the user to go with it. This can be positive or negative; personally, I don't think there's any harm in allowing the user to personally compromise the company's vision through customizations. Pretty damn hard convincing consumers that Microsoft's way is the right way and they should buy in to the product, when Microsoft is the latecomer to the game and already not viewed in the same positive light as Apple / Google.

    I'm also happen to have a month-old Lumia 800, which was released rather late in Australia. So I can see the situation in the same way a US owner of the 900 can. For the most part, a brand new WP8 device in half a year will most likely be running cutting edge apps and software for 18 months and probably longer, per Microsoft's announcement. But a WP7 device purchased in May gets a substitute software update six months on and from by indications, will miss out on the best apps that come out past that point.

    I'm not going to respond to the rest of your comment as I've reiterated and justified my stance many times already. Beating a dead horse doesn't make you any more correct. And by the nature of your comment, you negate any superior moral stance you might want to take on my attitude or anything similar. You're essentially admitting to being the black pot.

    Exactly. And you can expect some lower end phones to have 3.8" (or smaller) screens. So like it or not, the gutter has to go. I will miss it at first but understand the "why", and that's good enough for me.
    Doesn't negate it being an opt-in option, especially since newer devices are moving into the 4.5+ inch region.
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    06-28-2012 02:11 AM
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    I can only imagine that WP8 has the ability to scale icons, so if an app hasn't got a small icon defined, WP8 will shrink the medium icon.

    As such, i can't think of a reason why a gutter cant be added as an option, then WP8 just does a slight shrink of all the icons again.

    Although it'll be a pain for developers, as they'll either have to provide 6+ icons, or spend a while making sure a single icon shrinks nicely for all 6 icon resolutions.

    I guess Microsoft need to weigh up the opinions of the couple of hundred people who have voted for this idea, against all the extra work for developers.
    06-28-2012 02:21 AM
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    Although it'll be a pain for developers, as they'll either have to provide 6+ icons, or spend a while making sure a single icon shrinks nicely for all 6 icon resolutions.
    Having both 1280x768 and 1280x720 supported indicated to me that Microsoft doesn't really care about this, or that scaling isn't such a big issue. WVGA is still a supported resolution forwards, so developers should make their tiles work on the substantially lower resolution anyway (not to mention current apps with medium tiles are already geared towards use at WVGA with a gutter). If Microsoft enabled the gutter option only for high-resolution WP8 devices, I'd be content - means there's a bright future ahead for me. Then again, we'll have to see how universal the 7.8 roll-out is. If devices are left at 7.5 (and subsequently stuck with the gutter), this could get even more messy.
    06-28-2012 02:31 AM
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    I like the idea of the smaller tiles those will be perfect for the shortcuts I want on my main screen but don't think need all the space they have (Phone, Marketplace, Maps etc) and the fact I can resize the calendar one or the picture one is also appealing.
    06-28-2012 07:37 AM
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    so adding a background image to the start screens and app list wont happen???? How could it if you add so many tiles to the start screen?
    06-29-2012 09:24 AM
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    I love the new layout... Finally getting rid of the dead space gutter... Love the multi size tiles... Exactly what I was hoping for

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    06-30-2012 04:42 PM
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    Has anyone tried swiping right on the start screen of the new emulator of WP8, to see if there's something there? I was hoping for a screen for all the notifications. I understand the SDK is not a final version but still.
    07-27-2012 04:11 PM
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    Lucky for all of you who don't like the new start screen, you can just make all the tiles medium sice and there: no new start screen.

    Of course the gap in the right side will still be missing but I don't see how that alone can upset people so badly. It's an empty bar in the side, no use for it really...
    07-29-2012 07:55 AM
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    Agree completely! Can't believe empty space has garnered such strong reaction.

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    07-29-2012 08:13 AM
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    it does massively. i fear this is a first step of destroing the beauty of metro. everything needs whitespace: photographies, your living room ;), etc. whitespace is no waste of space, it is a key part of design. the beauty of metro letzs me change from androis to wp. now i am very sad. because the wp screen is more cluttered as the android or ios screen. now one at apple would have the idea to bring littel icons between the large ones just to no waste space.

    the only point is that on windows phone it was decentered.

    i like the small icons as well but they dont need to remove the gutter for that.

    here my solution:

    Directupload.net - 5dvg94ag.jpg

    here you can vote fpr nice design:

    Add setting to enable the "gutter" and app arrow in WP 7.8/8

    No thanks.

    The 1/4 sized small tiles need as many pixels as they can get, especially on a 800x480 screen. With the smaller sized tile option, it just makes NO sense to waste all of that screen real estate for a "gutter" that sits there and does nothing.

    I understand what you're saying about the visual appeal of having that negative space there, but I think it will only take a short while for everyone to get used to it not being there. The only reason WP 7.8/8 looks odd without it is because everyone is used to it being there, it has nothing to do with it being a "necessity" for good design.
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    07-29-2012 11:32 AM
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