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    what do you say guys about this suggestion in


    do you think microsoft will listen to this?
    would you vote for it?

    here is the suggestion:
    I see different posts about marketplace here and their but my suggestion is totally different and for all users and developers benefits.
    Current marketplace is based on country location with a lot limitations. Too many apps which is available in one country is not available on other countries. Windows phone users with valid credit card can't purchase apps if their credit card issues in their country and they live in another country for business reasons. There are many reasons prevent people to purchase apps freely and smoothly.
    Currently, users do not see valid comments on other country marketplace about an app which may assist them to make decision to purchase or download the app which is available in their marketplace. It is not fair to developers and users, it is not supporting the app in all marketplaces and it will slow the movement and usage of the apps.
    We want one marketplace that will be accessed by all windows phone devices users, we want to see all other people reviews and rates, we want o have equal share of apps downloads and purchases.
    Everyone have valid credit card can purchase the apps from anywhere in the world it is called globalization.
    We would like Microsoft to consider this request to have one marketplace for everyone have windows phone and we want this before the launch of windows phone 8 because I believe it will give more credential for Microsoft to windows phone 7.5 too.
    06-25-2012 12:54 PM

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