1. ninjaap's Avatar
    Anyone using an unlocked 710 on AT&T without a data plan? I'm asking, because I want to get my parents a Windows Phone, but they don't want/need data. Wifi is good enough for them. My thinking is, since it's a T-Mo phone, and I simply stick an AT&T sim on there, the phone won't show up on AT&T's system and they won't force a data plan on it. I currently have them under my Family plan, w/o a data plan, w/ dumb phones, for $10 each line.
    07-16-2012 10:26 AM
  2. bigkevbosky's Avatar
    You can try, sure, but it's not like AT&T is stupid and oblivious that stuff like this is going on. They'll frequently "ping" the phone and once they discover its a smart phone they'll start sending you text messages that you need to get on a smartphone plan, or they'll just switch you completely.

    I know there's always a story on the net about some guy who did a similar thing and he's been on AT&T with the $10 plan using a smartphone for 3 years and blah blah blah. But in reality, its rare you can get away with it for too long. AT&T doesn't make money hand over fist by being ignorant.
    07-16-2012 11:21 AM
  3. ninjaap's Avatar
    Yes, I am aware that you may or may not get away with using a smartphone without data, but those apply to ATT branded phones.

    From past experience, it seems if the phone isn't AT&T branded they don't have the IMEI number on file, and thus not recognize the phone. It shows up as unknown or generic. Right now my parents are using unlocked dumb phones from TMo and it is not recognized. This is why I'm asking if someone has tried it with a non-ATT smartphone, to get an idea.
    07-16-2012 02:20 PM