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    Ok, great idea. Nokia Drive Commute. Seems a cool thing to set the time you leave for work, it check traffic conditions and map the quickest route in. So I tried it first time Monday morning, 7:20 am headed to work. Now all I get on the screen is a map of the route, that's it. Its only a blue stripe that maps to where I need to drive but NO turn by turn navigation. I can't watch TV and drive any more than I can watch a map of the road.

    Is it supposed to do that? Is my Nokia Lumia 900 defective or is this what they had in mind? Not only did the "fastest route" they map out slower and more thick with traffic than the route I would normally drive, but I have to keep an eye on the road and one on the map. Unless my phone is defective, Commute is not a well thought out feature. But again, maybe its just me. Maybe my expectations were a little too high. But you tell me because I'm missing something.
    07-26-2012 01:44 AM
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    See, they gave me routes that were traffic galore! I didn't follow that route, I went the route I thought was quicker.... I'm going to give you what it told me, and knowing my knowledge around my way to work and home, which way is going to be traffic.

    It gave me the 170 to the 134 to the 210.
    the 170 at 8 in the morning is really bad in the morning because it merges into the 134 or the 101. 101 in the morning is just bad.

    The 134 in the morning could be bad, there tends to be some traffic because it merges into the 5.

    The 210 is smooth until you get into Pasadena, people for some reason just drive like they've never driven before.

    I took the 5 to the 134 which turns into the 210 once you pass Glendale. I know which time to go, if not then i'll go a different route, I just know what time to leave for work in the morning. Nokia Drive copies where you are driving and it gives you the details when you leave, it did it for me the second time I did that route.

    When I leave I know which way to go for a whole year I drove down the 134 like a dumb ***, at 6 in the evening, Traffic Galore! I took the 210 and it copied my route, I've gotten home quicker and to work quicker cause of it now. Keep using it, go your regular way and it'll give you more details once it knows where it saves your route.
    07-26-2012 12:04 PM
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    Has anyone gotten the live tile to update with the commute information? I filed the instructions inside the app settings menu but the tile never updates, it is just the Nokia drive logo.

    Nevermind… cleared all my data, redid the quickstart and the pin to start worked.

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