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    Hey guys. I got a feeling that Wp's is exactly following this Market Share Outlook. because it's at 3.2 at the moment and that's close to 5%. this looks like it's true

    Do you think it's true?

    In my opinion. It looks like it's true. because everyone is moving from apple to Google and now back MS. also Wp8 will become the most used OS in enterprise. and third in Consumer hands for next year so you'll see Wp8 adoption rate to spike by 8% of market Share. Also you guys play a big role. as well and this trend looks exactly what Wp is doing
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    08-04-2012 01:52 PM
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    What site was that from?

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    08-04-2012 02:28 PM
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    What site was that from?

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    This link
    08-04-2012 02:30 PM
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    Here's the actual source article the Wikipedia page is using: Android Expected to Reach Its Peak This Year as Mobile Phone Shipments Slow, According to IDC | SYS-CON MEDIA

    Looks to be good information. Of course, these are just forecasts and projected future market share. Will be interesting to see for sure. I for one don't think for a second, that Windows Phone will stay anywhere near the 5% level. Once WP8 is released along with Windows 8 and the tablets, the market share should quickly rise. Whether it gets to 20% or not remains to be seen.
    08-04-2012 03:10 PM
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    Ugh...every time I see charts like this I get depressed by how much Android is sweeping the planet like a pestilent disease.

    All you guys who still think Apple is the "enemy" Windows Phone should be gunning for, take a look at those charts.

    It's almost tragic to think of all those poor souls out there running ****-bricked Android 2.2 and 2.3 caked with OEM skins and bloatware and enduring the worst smartphone experience on the planet out of pure ignorance.

    It just ain't right. :@
    08-04-2012 08:39 PM
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    Android is leading market share because there are probably at least 100 different handsets using it. All the way from cheap, gimped devices to the latest and greatest all with severely fragmented user experiences.

    As a former Droid X user and current Touchpad ICS user, it's really frustrating to have an app/game that runs great on one device, but runs like complete garbage on another.
    08-04-2012 09:40 PM