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    Hi guys,

    im on a Lumia800. Recently i read here about the idea how we could let our phones stay connected to wifi all the time via a stream that fakes a connection. Unfortunately that idea in form of an app is only doable on dev-unlocked devices.

    Now here comes the strange part. I just discovered that when i enter WhatsApp and hit the Back button and then hit the volume button a typical "<< > >>" thingy pops up which i usually the case when a track plays and at the position where the track title usually is there is a "(( • ))" .....
    And of course, wifi stays always on, as long as im "playing" that track...

    Edit: ok, just discovered that the "(( • ))" symbol is always there when a track plays, with the "whats app" track there is just no title...

    Guys, im somehow confused here, because it's cool to have that functionality but im also not sure WHY i have it. Is it really WhatsApp? Its certainly the way for me to reproduce it.
    Can you guys try it an see if you get the same thing?

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    Yes. It has been reported that WhatsApp has this WiFi always on behavior. But keep an eye on your battery as someone reported it ate theirs.

    IHeartRadio does the same thing (or maybe better). Just open iHR, start a channel, then stop the music and exit the app. WiFi will stay active, and have very little effect on your battery, assuming you usually rely on data to be working when the phone is sleeping. No need for a dev unlocked device.

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    Kik seems to do this too I think.
    08-17-2012 08:45 PM