1. kittshelby's Avatar
    I have some really great ideas for WP apps but I really don't want to learn coding. I took an introductory computing science course in university (using python language) and I got a D in the course. I'm not a logical person (which apparently is what computer science students needs to be). I'm more of a creative type person.

    Does anyone know what I can do with my app ideas? Is there some website where I can sell or just give my ideas to developers. I would also like to work with the developer in the process and design of the app, I just don't want to do the coding.

    Please let me know what I could do. Thanks!
    08-18-2012 02:19 AM
  2. rbrunner's Avatar
    Well, there is quite a number of developers reading this forum or even actively take part, so if you are ready to openly talk about your ideas, this very thread is a reasonable place to do so.

    I don't think you will be able to sell app ideas for a non-trivial amount of money, anywhere.

    Anyway, it's somewhat difficult with ideas. I see very few things in IT (in general, not only regarding smartphone apps) where the idea is the crucial thing, like in "I could spank myself, why oh why it wasn't me coming up with this incredible idea". Know what I mean?

    If you like, we could PM or mail about some of your ideas, and I think I would be able at least to judge whether it's possible to implement on WP (many good ideas die right on the spot because of WP restrictions) and give a rough estimate of the time needed to implement them.
    08-18-2012 11:18 AM