1. Jf.Vigor's Avatar
    A feature I was hoping WP7 would implement in a future update, are livetiles for artists. We currently have the ability to pin our favorite aritsts to the homepage. But it would be extra useful if the tile flipped to show an artist's new single or new album release. I remember way back before WP7 existed, I often checked artist's pages on Zune to see if they released anything new. You never know.. sometimes they drop a house-remix of an already existing single or sometimes reggae-remix or rock-remix. I know there were many times where I happen to just browse over to an artist page and WHOA... a new house-remix of a song. Or a new Remixes EP of a single would be there. And I would find it by luck and boredom.

    it would be awesome if I had Skrillex pinned to my homescreen and whenever he released a new filthy dubstep track, I knew of it immediately.
    08-20-2012 12:23 PM