1. MrSean490's Avatar
    I've noticed it takes about 3 weeks before the marketplace icon alerts me of new updates. I have a lot of apps installed and the last time it notified me was ~10th of August, and when it notified me then, the apps that it told me had been updated were updated in about mid to late July. If I manually go to apps I sometimes see they say "update" which is fine, but otherwise I'm waiting weeks to get the overall notification. Once I do get the update, the live tile will have like "20" on it, as if it's waiting for a certain amount to be ready to update in a batch or something.

    On the flip-side I know someone else with a WP and he gets the updates pretty much on time, every time.

    So anyone else experiencing this weird problem?
    09-01-2012 05:44 AM