1. Averry's Avatar
    Microsoft, as far as I can tell, hasn't release and SDK, or APIs, or APK, or so on and so forth officially.

    Without those.....its hard for devs to make proper apps for the new Windows 8 phone.

    Microsoft hinted that they have a lot of Devs on board for both games and big time native apps.

    Obviously all of the Windows Phone 7 mango apps will work fine, and I'm excited to see how they run on a dual core phone, but they really do leave something to be desired to a lot of other apps on other platforms. The new abilities for Windows Phone 8 apps will really be much more useful.

    It's still a common complaint though for Window Phone that the apps and games aren't there sometimes when users start searching in the market for them. We might get a new platform with great new features but still have an app problem for quite some time.

    Presumably Microsoft will release everything they need to on Wednesday, but that leaves just two months. I just hope I'm surprise and Microsoft shows off plenty of 'finished' Windows Phone 8 native apps.
    09-04-2012 12:07 AM