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    I bought an XBox a few months back and when set up a Live ID for it, used xxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com - which is the email address I use for my old Android phone and google sync.

    Then I got a Nokia Lumia 900 and decided to set up a new outlook ID so that could keep gmail for google and outlook for windows. So I set up xxxxxxxxx@outlook.com - however I have points on my gmail.com ID and info that I'd like to merge with the outlook.com ID.

    Basically for XBox, Phone, Calendar etc I want to just use outlook.com ID - is there a way to move everything from gmail.com ID into outlook so I can log into all my devices with the same ID?
    09-11-2012 07:55 AM
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    i am only aware of being able to merge contacts and calenders... which can be done from outlook.com you will still have to switch your email within the accounts using gmail.com to your outlook.com account ( this is done in account settings). merging them doesnt merge any accounts associated with the gmail.com account.

    edit: essentially there is NO way to actually "merge " the 2 accounts. just importing contacts... at least not that i have ever heard of. hope this helps!

    outlook is def a better option than gmail, good choice!
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    09-11-2012 09:24 AM