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    As someone who is about to switch and has never owned a WP before, where are the best resources for learning how to use the thing in advance.
    It has struck me that there will be so many differences that I maybe hadn't considered so im going to have to adapt a little bit

    One example is no windows explorer - I had just assumed that i could create folders on the fly to save my data to? So where does WP save any data or files you download?
    Id also assumed that I would be able to hack the registry - Im guessing not now - lol

    At least with the delay between announcement and supply, I can scratch my itch by researching how to use the thing once I get it
    09-11-2012 09:20 AM
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    start here for learning the basics. http://forums.windowscentral.com/os-...ion/181501.htm

    really it is one of the easiest platforms to use, just because of the overall user friendliness of the OS. everything is fluent and seemless.

    as far as data being saved from the web, it would depend on what you are saving. images with be in your gallery for example. there are some limitations with what can be downloaded from web, remember this isnt an open source OS. in addition with windows phone 8 right around the corner, and windows 7.8 for early adopters, we arent entirely sure what enhancements will be made as they all havent been announced yet. so we will know more in the nearing months. a file manager is something there has been talk of. especially with the integration of sd card expansion. none the less, it is a wonderful platform
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    09-11-2012 09:37 AM