1. Lucaat's Avatar

    whenever I upload really high resolution images from Zune onto the phone, and then zoom on the phone the image isn't sharp and there are no details and text isn't readable.

    Whats up with that? How can I sync the full res.
    09-15-2012 08:18 AM
  2. Gergolos's Avatar

    I don' know for sure if I'm right, but I think you can change the settings in zune. The thing is: i'm not sure if the changes will effect syncing from zun to the phone or just deal with pics being synced from the phone to the pc...

    Anyways...Just go "settings", then "phone" and choose "pictures and videos". There you should have the option to choose the quality. (I had to translate the setting-options from german to english so they might vary a bit)

    Hope I could help
    09-15-2012 08:50 AM
  3. Lucaat's Avatar
    Thanks, I set it to original but it still shows it the same way on the phone :(
    09-15-2012 09:37 AM
  4. Gergolos's Avatar
    Hmm I guess the settings just change the option from the pics being copied to the pc then

    Sadly, I don't have any other suggestions for you... :(
    09-15-2012 10:46 AM