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    HTC already has a buyback program, will Nokia be next? I am new to the Windows phone. I bought the Lumia 900, using my upgrade a couple months ago. It was heavily promoted by a radio station I listen to. The two hosts everyday talked about how great their Lumia 900 is. I bought it and have loved the phone and the OS since then. My only regret is finding out about WP8 after getting the phone. Had I known about it and how much better it is going to be i would have waited. So now i am stuck with this dilemma, i want a new WP8 but i can't afford to pay off contract price. Now HTC is offering me a great deal, $175, for my Lumia 900 if I buy an HTC phone. The HTC has enough horsepower to quench my thirst until my next upgrade but the L920 is so tempting as well. Has there been any news or rumors of Nokia offering some sort of deal like HTC?
    09-24-2012 01:45 PM