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    I really like the vehicle/car dock for some of the Android devices (i.e., Motorola Atrix HD) and was wondering if Windows Phone has this or if any of the newer devices will have something similar, which also puts the device into vehicle mode?

    I'm looking for more than simply buying a car dock to clamp my device down while driving. For example, Motorola's Atrix HD (and other Moto and HTC devices) instead puts the device into . It has big buttons that allow for easy access to GPS, Music, Calls, Texts (which you can setup to auto reply when the device is in vehicle mode) all while charging your device.

    This is so convenient and I'm hoping more companies make this standard. It's very convenient for drivers, plus companies get to charge for the extra accessories. Are Motorola & HTC the only ones who have caught on to this?

    I looked long and hard at the Atrix HD but didn't pull the trigger due to specs being substandard compared to current competition and a very flawed camera - ouch! There seems to be more talk about the Nokia Lumia 920 which has great specs that even beat the iPhone 5.

    I'm currently using a BlackBerry Torch 9810 with an upgrade I can use and I'm willing to jump to any OS that meets my needs. I am interested to see what BB10 reveals but I don't think they will be offering any kind of vehicle dock with a vehicle mode UI.
    09-25-2012 05:05 PM