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    I seroisly dont know how is this possible but for some reason Zimbabwe Nok site has lumia 920 and 820 on their site but it also seems its says Mea and alot of the african sites keep going to Mea-en nok site but still south africa doesnt have this on their Nokia site (by the way which has its own domain [Za-en])

    By the way Zimbabwe worse than us :D
    But some reason latly they are better than us :blush:

    I cant understand this, this is so fked :dry

    Proof go look at screenshots i uploaded :mad:
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    11-01-2012 06:34 AM
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    I also cant wait they announced that Lumia 820 and 920 will be coming at 16 to end of november not sure which dates but they are coming :P

    The htc also coming but ill never buy that phone for obvoius reasons (specs wise every lumia Wp8 model has the challenge on the Htc 8x so yes im not blinded like ihtc fans lol :lol: and yet they say its better than lumia 920 :giggle: and i would say that phone more than a rippof than anything else

    So please no htc reccomodation here :excl:

    Anyway so what you guys so say about my problem lame huh ? :dry

    South african Wpcentral users would probaly find this very amusing :D
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    Well, at least they're being consistently grossly incompetent, worldwide. :P
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    11-01-2012 11:11 AM
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    hahahahah :giggle: but nok has some good service well i dont know about your experiences :D
    11-04-2012 02:38 PM