1. Digital Moe's Avatar
    I have a really strange problem and no amount of googling seems to be helping.

    I used to use a app called Music Bridge to copy the playlist from iTunes into WMP on my Win 7 machine. This used to dump playlists in my Music Directory (e:\music\playlists).

    What i was unaware of that each time I ran Music bridge it would creat a new copy of the playlist and just add a number at the end of the name so for example 80s Rock would become 80s Rock 2, the number would go up each time I ran the app.

    Now I have run XBox Music and ended up with thousands of playlists and seem to be unable to get rid of them. So I decided to delete all my playlists and uninstall XBOX Music hoping after I reinstalled the app it would have no playlists.

    Unfortunately it seems to have cached the info somewhere or is pulling it down from the cloud.

    Any idea how I can get rid of them and import some fresh ones?
    11-02-2012 08:05 PM
  2. garak0410's Avatar
    Side question - Are you able to sync playlists between devices? Any list I've made in XBOX music (be it from my Surface, XBOX or PC) will not sync among them. However, I see tons of other lists.
    11-03-2012 03:59 PM
  3. Digital Moe's Avatar
    I see all my playlists on the Surface but they tell me that it can't play them, probably because the actual music is not on my device.

    I just deleted all my playlists, deleted them of my PC and created a whole batch of new ones and guess what it still imported the old ones mixed in with the new ones. So I manually deleted the old ones and tried to rename the new ones but it won't let me as it tells me there is already a playlist with that name.

    So there is a cloud element that needs to be addressed where we can log in and make changes as this is just silly.
    11-04-2012 02:21 PM