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    Dear all,

    I remain unfortunately confused about if I buy unlocked WP8 phone, I can use this at full speed on ATT. I know there was some confusion about the 1700 band for Tmobile but it seems like Rogers (in Canada) now has this, but if I find a phone in another country--will it work? For sure?

    I ask as I lost my LG quantum (got on launch in nov, 2010) on an ethiopian airlines flight from ADD-BKK and just spent the last few weeks in Burma. As a side note, not having a phone really makes me a much more attentive person in meetings, but I digress :). So am now heading back through BKK and will be flying through japan and was thinking if they had phone, i would pick up. I am also heading to South Africa next week and thought about buying there as well. but the key is really about me being able to use at full speeds when i get home.

    Also, do we think that services like cell phone unlocker, etc will work on 920? or 8x? I used this on day 1 for my quantum and has been great--so hoping that this still works! they are charging like 70 bucks to unlock which seems crazy to me though!

    all best and thanks,
    11-03-2012 07:18 AM