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    Ok, here is the story, I used to have a samsung focus, but then i went to android, now I am planning on going back to windows phone, but i have questions ... Today I started the zune pc program and noticed the choice for apps in the marketplace section is gone, I am on a computer with windows seven ( I know that there is a store but is in windows 8, I am not upgrading my computer OS so...) how am I going to be able to install apps to my phone via the pc? I love the zune app, it is more easy for me in terms of browsing for apps so my main question is that, how to install apps from the computer to the phone ... is there a windows phone store for windows 7?

    Another question.

    As I mentioned, i used to have a samsung focus, and i purchased some apps (bejeweled is addicting). Will I get those apps in my new phone ala iphone? this is something that is somehow important for me, because everywhere i read it says that is a new OS that the kernel and such things, but i also read that apps from windows phone 7 will run on wp8 ... so I am a little confused, will i have my old apps in my new device?

    thank you in advance for your responses, awesome site, fenomenal community!:happy:
    11-08-2012 07:36 AM
  2. Agent-P's Avatar
    It seems like Microsoft removed the app Marketplace from Zune, so your only other options would be to visit the web marketplace and install your apps from there or to do it directly on your phone.

    As for your other question, as long as you set up your WP8 device with the same Microsoft/Hotmail/Outlook/Live account you used on your Focus, then you can still redownload all your purchased apps.

    For the kernel change question: WP7 apps will work on your WP8 device, but WP8 apps will not work on a WP7 device. Microsoft designed the new kernel to be backward compatible so we aren't starting over in app selection from square one.
    11-08-2012 02:44 PM