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    So I just go a Lumia 820 in the post today, was very excited and I set it up all fine. I have bought Angry Birds Space and Star Wars, I unlocked an achievement in Space but when I went to look at my profile the game nor the achievement was added. I decided to buy Connect 4 and try that, again same problem. At one point I did see 10 gamerscore be added to my total, this however didn't last long and has gone back to my original total of 239,214. So I bought Cut The Rope and unlocked another 10G achievement, this time it added Cut The Rope to my gamercard but didnt add the 10G.

    Now I am struggling to figure out what to do! I have done a hard reset and no luck there. Has anybody else experiences these issues and can help? This is really frustrating me.

    Oh and this is an error message I get when I click to view achievements on Angry Birds space - "sorry, we can't sign you in. please sign in using the games app, then start this app again.". This went away for a moment and allowed me to view the achievements once, this is when my total went up by 10G but then went back down. I have connection to my provider Orange and WiFi connection, and my gamertag looks set up fine. Could it be because my gamertag is also on my old WP7?
    11-09-2012 08:10 AM