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    Take a look at this image http://i.nokia.com/image/view/-/1912...oost-6-jpg.jpg from Angry Birds Roost - Nokia Angry Birds Roost - New Windows Phone App - Nokia - UK and look closely at the start screen tiles on the Lumia 610.

    Unless I'm mistaken this would

    1. Indicate the possibility of pinning the Angry Birds Roost app tile twice to the start screen in WP which isn't possible either in WP 7.5, 8 or the forthcoming 7.8 SW update?

    2. Since in WP 7.5 the Angry Birds Roost app tile cannot be enlarged some how indicates integrating a notification from the Angry Birds Roost app into the Pictures hub in WP 7.5 which also isn't possible?

    3. Illustrates an expanded Angry Birds Roost app live tile possible in Windows Phone 8 (and 7.8 SW update when it comes) where the single tile for Angry Birds Roost placed above it is doubled in size and allowing for info related to any updates to be displayed which of course isn't possible in WP 7.5 currently available for the Lumia 610 which is yet to receive the WP 7.8 SW update.

    Anyone have any idea on what this is supposed to illustrating?
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    What are you smoking and where can I get some?

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    You don't need it, trust me :)

    Ah it was nothing, just waiting for an update for a 610 I have...
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