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    Really loving AT&T right now. I've been with them since 2003 when it was still cingular. Basically I got my Focus S last year on launch day. But hurricane sandy hit my area pretty hard. We decided to leave at the last minute and when I was leaving my house the flood waters were coming pretty high and came up to my waist. Needless to say, my phone got soaked...and I don't have insurance. Somewhat luckily, the phone still kinda worked, but its been glitchy and a lot slower than it used to me.

    But luckily, I have AT&T. I called them explained what happened and asked them if they could let me upgrade early and asked them waive the upgrade fee (they're allowing you to upgrade for $250, like the iphone), since i'm in a tight spot financially (car is totaled, lost mostly everything in my basement, etc), and they said yes.

    So long story short, a white lumia 920 is on its way and coming by the 14th! Hyped.
    11-09-2012 08:39 PM