1. awesomeplant's Avatar
    Hey all, I started setting up WMP to sync with Windows 8. While not as sexy as Zune, I was finding most of the features I had been missing with Xbox Music and Windows Phone 8.

    One issue remains, and I'm wondering if people had a recommended use or if what I'm trying to do is not possible: I like to rate music both on PC and on phone with the "heart" rating leftover from Zune. It appears that songs previously rated with a "heart" cross over as 4-stars in WMP.

    Trouble is, when I view the music on the phone after syncing through WMP, it's not rated as a "heart." Am I doing something wrong? Also I noticed if I mark something new with a "heart" on WP8 and then sync back to WMP, no rating carries over... is WMP only a 1-way sync?

    Would love to know your solutions! Thanks.
    11-10-2012 03:35 PM