1. LCARS's Avatar
    I've seen many posts on here and around the net dancing around my specific issue, but none that address it exactly. I am hoping someone here might know the answer.

    I have Xbox Music on my Win8 laptop. I manually created a few playlists and added some songs that are stored locally on my laptop. When I go to Xbox Music on my Lumia 920, I am delighted to see that it added those same playlists to my phone automatically over the cloud. However, the playlists all have 0 songs in them. This makes sense because I figured I would have to manually put the songs on my phone, and then the playlists would show the songs.

    I copied all of the songs from the Music folder on my laptop to the Music folder on my phone via Windows Explorer. The directory structure between the two music folders is identical. Unfortunately, all of the playlists on my phone still show 0 songs. No matter what I try, I am unable to get the playlists that synced over the cloud to show any songs.

    Does anyone have any ideas? Is it possible to share the same playlists with Xbox music, or do we have to recreate them on both devices?
    11-10-2012 05:16 PM
  2. dawindbag's Avatar
    I'm seeing the same thing on my devices.

    When I read that Windows 8 was half-baked I was skeptical, I figured that was just people resisting change. Now that I've lived it with it, it's clear that half-baked was generous.
    11-10-2012 05:48 PM
  3. mhunter6378's Avatar
    Yep I had the same problem with playlists. I moved my music once via the new windows phone 8 app, that kept locking up. Tried the manual route like you, music good - playlists zero. Deleted all the music off my phone through windows explorer, opened windows media player, right clicked playlists, sent to sync and then selected my phone and started sync. Worked perfectly for me. Now I have all my music with all my playlists.

    Hope this helps.
    11-10-2012 06:00 PM
  4. runam0k's Avatar
    I hope it's broken and it's something MS will fix. Xbox Music is completely gimped if it can't handle playlists. Like you I have been unable to transfer playlists to the phone without the "0 songs" result. Even downloading all the songs to the phone (the songs are listed under "Songs" with the little streaming icon - you can select and download from there) did not 'populate' the playlist. Very disappointing. Plus it's virtually impossible to manage playlists on WP8 phones.

    I thought Xbox Music was supposed to compete with Spotify, etc?

    EDIT: The above (WMP) doesn't work for me. I think it's because all my music is Xbox Music (i.e. WMP won't sync DRM'd tracks, so the playlists show zero songs - they cloud match, but that doesn't fix the playlist problem).
    11-12-2012 01:46 PM
  5. winmopro's Avatar
    This is what I did and now I can sync playlists...not you will need to be on an x86/x64 (i.e. not surface) for this to work

    1-Download music through XBOX Music
    2-Create Playlists in windows Media Player
    3-Sync Music using Windows Phone App for Desktop found here - Windows Phone Support | Xbox LIVE, Windows Live, & Zune | Windows Phone 7 | Windows Phone (United States)

    Convoluted but at least now you can get playlists on the phone.

    Oh and I turned off cloud music support because otherwise the music library on the phone would duplicate each song (the cloud version and local stored version)
    11-12-2012 03:28 PM