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    So, not completely sure where to post this but this is a good place as any. Just wondering if anyone here is experiencing the same issue that I'm having: the darn music just wont sync.

    The music synced just fine with my Lumia 800 (7.5 with the old Mac connector). Updated to the new Connector app fine and dandy in time for my HTC 8X (on Three UK) and just wanted to sync music from iTunes; the sync starts and all and progresses all the way to the end, only to end up with an error message showing i.e "Could not copy "Bright Lights" to the device", and then the same for every single song in a long list. This also happens when I try to sync podcasts. I have tried to sync just one artist or one genre – but no. Is it something with the phone? Is it something with my iTunes library? I feel like I have dug through every setting and corner on my phone and the Connector app, tried exclusively AAC songs as well as MP3s. The weird thing is that it work just fine with my Lumia...?

    Interestingly enough my videos in iTunes syncs just fine, as well as photos from iPhoto – seems just to be the audio – has anyone experienced this? I just want to go out for a run with my songs and my new phone...!

    Thanks guys!
    11-12-2012 03:43 PM
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    Meddled around with it some more after tips here on the forum and the trick was posting it here if someone else share this problem apparently to allow the Sync app access to the iTunes folder; after that everything synced like... perfect. (It's under "File" in the menu bar).
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    11-13-2012 10:43 AM
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    Hey thanks for that tip! This was bugging me too on Nokia Lumia 920. Couldn't figure it out for the life of me, but knew it had to be simple.
    11-22-2012 11:17 AM
  4. iChristos's Avatar
    Thank you for the post... I had the same issue and had no idea how to fix it.
    11-25-2012 10:33 AM
  5. Jack LaCorte's Avatar
    Do you have to allow access to the folder every time?
    04-20-2013 11:36 PM